Tales From My Vagina: The Little Vagina That Could

Tales FmV


After college I got a very well paid job with an electronics firm. It was a relatively new department for this company so they sent our whole unit to a 6 week long training course out of state.

It felt like college since we occupied an entire floor of our company sponsored hotel accommodations. By week 2 we were acting like college students again, coming in drunk, secret parties in our rooms.

Susan, the director of our department, kept herself very separate from us. The only person she seemed to spend any time with was her skinny, nerdy male assistant Mitch.

They ate together, shopped together, and on one occasion I saw him entering her room very late at night. I really didn’t think anything of it because Susan is a double amputee.

The rumor was that she lost both legs at the hip in a car accident. It could…

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